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How often should you water?

How often you water, generally depends on how long the plant has been in the ground, what kind of soil it was planted in, what time of year, the type of plant and the amount of rain you have been getting. When you first plant something you want to water it well. Water the ground […]

Digging the Perfect Hole

A planting hole should be 2 to 3 times the diameter of the root ball. By doing this, the new roots can get established quicker and grow out to, and a little beyond the weep line. Only until that happens will the plant be able to support itself without so much supplemental watering. Step 1: […]

Sod Installation and Maintenance

After you have selected the type of turf that will work best for your application, it is time to prepare for the installation of the turf. Sod Soil Preparation: The first recommended step is to complete a soil test to find out what nutrients your soil needs. To prepare the yard for the new sod, […]