Everything to Know About Mulch

South Jersey Mulch Supplier

Got mulch questions? Here’s everything you every wanted to know about mulch and more.

A. We recommend you mulch 3 inches deep. At this depth one cubic yard covers approximately 100 square feet. To figure how much to buy you will need to find the square footage of the area you wish to mulch. Divide that number by 100 and this will be how many cubic yards you need. ie: L x W Divided by 100
A. A standard size pick up bed holds 2 cubic yards. A small pick up bed holds one.
A. You will need 13.5 two cubic foot bags to make one cubic yard.
A. It will depend on your bed preparation. Mulch will help eliminate most of your weeds and make any that do come up easy to pull. For a totally weed free bed it is best to use a weed barrier and then put mulch on top of it.